Raleigh, NC: Fourth Smuttiest City

Recently, Men’s Health rated Raleigh, NC as the fourth smuttiest city in the US. You can see how they tabulated this by clicking on the link I provided. Dr. Danny Akin, the president of my institution,  has urged Christians September 7th & 8th to attend the Converting Hearts Conference as a number of RDU’s leading Christian voices engage this cultural epidemic that is pervasive in every household. You can register for this @ http://pursuitofmore.com/

With that said, let me also refer you back to my article over at The Resurgence where I interact with Jason Byassee (formerly?) over at Duke Divinity School. Byassee has published several books and his article “Not Your Father’s Pornography” does a good job of looking at the changes in pornography in recent years (from mere pictures of naked women to erotic acts). He also notes the stain that it leaves on those who consume porn and issues warnings related to this. I recommend reading it.

My article builds off of his work and the works of others (to be honest my article is quite derivative) to point out the ramifications of porn not only on the consumer, but also on those who participate (or are forced) into the production of pornography.


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