I’m Baaaaack

I have had one busy summer! I have moved into a house (my first), had my first vacation in years, and I have been growing a ton in particular areas of my faith. The main purpose of this post is just to let you know I’m back. I have a bit of a writing schedule now that will only grow the more I get settled into my new digs. I am looking forward to plodding away for about an hour or more a day on writing projects (I have a few, none for publishing….yet).

Sad news does come your way with this post (yes, all the imaginary people that read my blog will be quite sad). I just don’t feel it with the Christian scholarship posts anymore so they will be tabled for now. I do not want to encourage the idea to write when you feel inspiration. But for me, I’ve kind of beat the dead horse. But who knows, when I write great promises like, “I will finish this series,” I never do finish the series. Perhaps this time I will finish because now I am saying that I won’t. Perhaps I just jinxed that too. I have been thinking a great deal on the subject of the missio dei (mission of God) lately and that has taken my attention away from Christian scholarship. I am sure that the missio dei  will begin find its ways into my blog somewhere as I begin to wrestle with certain aspects of that subject.

I will not try to hold myself to a weekly blog post like I have done in the past. I will write when I can and when I am ready to let the world know my thoughts on whatever subject I am studying (because you are all dying to know them!) But I do not want to subject myself to such deadlines when sometimes the thoughts are just not mature enough to be out there. Though someone keeps screaming at me, “Write that down!”

Until then, peace out!


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