I have alarm clock troubles. Or, I used to have alarm clock troubles. To be candid, I hate alarm clocks. The annoying repetitive little beep accompanied by my impending demise from cardiac arrest is not how any sane person would want to start their day. Especially for someone like myself who thinks that it is a good idea to get up at 5am.

I want to be the proverbial early bird. But my alarm clock kept me from ever letting that really come to pass. I would wake up constantly during the night worried about whether I was closer to that godforsaken shrill beep. Sleep fled from me. Most mornings when I would awake before the alarm I would reset it for 6:30 or 7am just to avoid the early arrival of the dreaded beep. Therefore, my alarm clock did not seem to accomplish what I wanted it to do–wake me up at 5am.

Like a habitual smoker, I tried everything I could to kick the habit of “sleeping in.” The first solution was an attempt to use  a light alarm clock to wake me up in the morning. These alarm clocks slowly begin to increase the light in a room and thus, wake you up “naturally,” so they say. So, I downloaded a light alarm clock app for my Ipad to give this a try. Let me tell you what really happens with this approach: You lie awake too afraid to fall asleep because you doubt the effectiveness of the alarm clock. I was constantly checking my phone to see if I had overslept. Also, I always set a back up alarm clock which seemed to wake me up rather than the light. So, after a while of trying this method out I naturally came up with what has become most effective solution.

That solution: a coffee pot, with delay brewing capabilities. I know what you are thinking, this is some sort of way for me to advertise Folgers coffee with something about waking up to Folgers in your cup. Believe me, if Folgers was in my cup, mornings would suck…real bad. I only have the best stuff: counter-culture coffee. (Mad shout out to the coffee geniuses at Jubala Coffee)

I digress…

It isn’t the aroma of the coffee that wakes me up, though it probably doesn’t hurt. It is the proximity of the coffee pot. You see, I have moved the coffee pot into my bedroom. The percolating of the pot wakes me up. I transfer the coffee to a cup, pick up my bible and a copy of C.S. Lewis’s letters and begin my morning. I don’t even have to leave my room. (Since originally writing this some weeks ago I have also added a white board to my room to help me…ahem….memorize a time-line of the history of OT interpretation.)

I hope you don’t think I am being lazy by putting a coffee pot in my room. I don’t find walking downstairs to be a great chore. I just found that putting the coffee pot in my room was a far better way to wake up than using the conventional alarm clock. And, for that matter, I find that I am waking up at 5am 100% of the time. Here are a few advantages of using the coffee pot as an alarm clock:

  1. No more heart attacks. No beeping, just the mellow sounds of water pouring into a carafe with the gentle bubbling as the pot percolates.
  2. (At least for me)The percolating is what wakes me up. I have a few minutes to lay in bed before that final push that empties the water into the carafe and I get up.
  3. The coffee is in my room and the smell invigorates me.
  4. I wake up, pour the coffee, and read. I don’t even have to leave the room.
  5. Waking up consistently at 5am puts me in a better mood. My employees began asking me, “Why are you in such a good mood these days?” “Its because I didn’t need to grab a defibrillator first thing in the morning! That’s why!”
  6. I get up when I planned to get up and I accomplish the things I set out to do before everyone else gets up.

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