I Make No Promises

The last time I blogged was almost a year ago. I don’t blog that often. It is not a high priority on my list. Quite frankly, I think I should be writing more seriously. A blog feels whimsical or too down-right endless stream of consciousness-ish for me. However, I feel like I need an outlet to practice writing a little on a regular basis and this may be the best avenue for that. But, I make no promises to do this regularly.

I have a few ideas that I want to blog about right now. But I don’t know if those Ideas will keep coming. Most of them are small observations from reading that I do. But I find that if I write them down I remember them a lot better. So, that will be the reason I blog. The content will be eclectic, like me.

A few updates: I’m starting my second time around in the Hebrew bible and I’m loving it. I feel more comfortable in the language than I did two years ago when I started reading through it. That should be obvious. I find that reading in a different language helps me to focus better. My mind is not prone to wander as much when I read in Hebrew & Greek. I’ll probably blog about the work that goes into that a little. I think it is important for others to see that endurance in a task can lead to great things.

I’ve been studying early Church history with a friend. I like it so much I’ve decided to devote a portion of my time to Syriac fathers. Syriac is a semitic language and isn’t too hard to pick up if you have Hebrew. I’m a novice on this subject, but I hope to grow in this area. There are a lot of untranslated works for the Syriac Fathers, and a good portion of them are online in digital format over ay BYU.

Finally, I have been busy researching more on the collective noun in Hebrew. I hope to start writing more on this soon.


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